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Small Part Rack

2 Problems that You Face If You Don’t Use the Small Part Rack

Analysis of the products is an important step before choosing the strategy solution. By now, most of you know that racks are the ideal storage solution for warehouses. But do you know that you can now buy the Small Part Rack especially if you have small spare parts to store?

Indeed, it is a great way to make sure that you locate the small objects immediately as soon as you get an order. Take a look at the problems that you have to face if you don’t get yourself a storage solution from a dependable manufacturer. 

Problem #1: Late deliveries

one thing that customers hate regardless of the industry type is a delay in delivery. If you commit too early delivery, you will get a huge bunch of unexpected customers who prefer quick delivery. And for that, you need the best solution for the storage of the parts. 

It often takes too much time to locate the small parts, unless you have excellent categorization and segregation in the storage facility. Thus, to make a better impression, you need to get the small parts racks from reputed manufacturing companies. 

Problem #2: Loss or damage to products

Do you know how much money you lose with damage to the products or losing them? The storage efficient racks available with the Suppliers ensure minimization of damage or loss of products owing to handling efficiency. 

If you are ready to get these racks at a pocket-friendly price visit the online store of PRK Steel Pvt Ltd.(Chennai India based company) the best company in Chennai India owns it when it comes to the design of the small parts racks. 



Slotted Angle Rack

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Slotted Angle Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load of 50 to 100 KG per cell 

PRK Steel(Chennai India based manufacturer) is a very much known name in the business sectors, with regards to assembling and providing best quality display dispay rack, , Compact lodges, Slotted angle rack  etc. These items are made by premium quality natural substances. Our reach incorporates various plans and sizes to take care of the necessities of various clients.

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Medium Duty Sectional Panel Rack

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Medium Duty Sectional Panel Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load of 100 to 250 KG per cell 

3 Differences between Medium Duty Sectional Panel Racks and Heavy Duty Racks

Owners of warehouses know well that a variety of medium duty sectional panel rack are necessary for storage inside the warehouse. Apart from storage of stock, you will have a variety of equipment, tools and machines that the workers use daily at the warehouse.

Without the shelves, you won't have any organized solution for storage. There are primarily three types of shelves available in the market:

  1. Heavy duty
  2. Medium duty
  3. Light duty

The chief factor that a Manufacturer considers while making the above shelves is the load capacity of the racks. 

But it is essential for you to know whether a heavy-duty rack is necessary or you can manage with the medium-duty sectional panel racks. 

Difference #1: Load capacity

The manufacturing process of heavy-duty shelves involves the use of components and methods that can withstand the weight of very heavy loads. If the assembly process is correct, these are safe, adjustable, and versatile for the warehouse. 

But the medium-duty shelves will be an excellent choice for storing smaller and lighter goods. These will be a perfect buy for workshops, supermarkets, garages, and business offices. 

Difference #2: Vertical space usage

The medium-duty shelves can offer vertical storage up to a height of around 6.5 feet. But the heavy-duty shelves will offer vertical storage space between 19 and 39 feet. 

So, find the top Supplier to know which one will be appropriate for accommodating in your available space. 

Difference #3: Types

The best companies produce three types of heavy-duty shelves and two types of medium-duty shelves. 

Compare the prices and other parameters before buying. PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai based manufacturer) is a reputed supplier for buying medium- duty sectional racks.  We strive for excellence and is a big name across Chennai India.


Heavy Duty Channel Rack

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Heavy Duty Channel Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load of 150 to 400 KG per cell

Role of Heavy-Duty Channel Rack In Optimal Storage of Products

It is always a problem storing heavyweight products in the warehouse. If you are the manufacturer of such heavy duty channel rack articles, you will know the common problems. These problems include

  • Accessing the products in the warehouse
  • Loading or unloading them
  • Shortage of floor space
  • Unsafe environment for workers.

If you want to say goodbye to all these problems, you need to buy the Heavy Duty Channel Rack from PRK Steel pvt ltd (Chennai India based company) . The standalone structures turn out to be the most helpful storage system for the company.  We help our customers across Chennai India with our best in class products.

Space-saving design

The most important factor that makes these racks ideal for any warehouse is the flexibility of design. You can choose the rectangular ones that reach a considerable height. This way, you are minimizing the floor space occupancy. Simultaneously, you are maximizing the use of vertical space. 

The design of the racks is helpful to Suppliers who need to maintain a huge inventory of heavy articles. It is easier to store the products in vertical tiers if you have forklift to handle these products. 

No risk 

It is essential to maintain a risk-free work environment. And that’s what is exactly going to happen when you are using the channel racks for heavy articles. Investing in the best racking materials will make sure that the products are safe in the storage space. 

Moreover, the manufacturing process at the warehouse won't face hindrance owing to the products occupying valuable space. The prices are generally affordable. 

So, don’t wait anymore. Order the heavy-duty channel racks at PRK Steel Pvt Ltd to get the best deals for the price you pay. 

  • Jumbo Crates:- Specially designed for transporting heavy loads, such as keeping in minds the demands of industries like seafood, food processing, bakery, confectionery, and electronics to name a few.
  • All Rounder Crate - EX Series:- Ideal for in-plant handling for industries like food processing, pharmaceutical, light engineering, electronics, bakery & confectionery, among others.
  • All Rounder Crate - FX Series:- Ideal for in-plant handling and transportation in a large number of industries like electronics, electrical, light engineering, agriculture, food processing, bakery, and confectionery.
  • Beverage and Milk Crates:- Suitable for carrying beverages and perfect for the conveyance of liquids in bottles. The second diversity can be used as milk crates and other liquids in sachets.
  • Agro Crates:- Suitable for carrying vegetables, fruits and horticulture products, these models are also used in the cashew industry and in supermarkets.




Pigeon Hole Rack

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Pigeon Hole Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load - 50 to 100 KG per cell 

5 Features That Define the Effectivity of Pigeon Hole Racks

Do you have a dynamic stock profile? Then you will have to think of a storage system that can support the ever-changing nature of the stock. Put aside te expensive rakcs and opt for the Pigeon Hole Rack available at affordable prices.

These racks will offer a manageable solution to adapt to the wide variety of stock storage. It will help in stock- picking with the maximum visibility of the products. It’s time to know more about the features of the racks.

  • High durability

The premium Manufacturers of the pigeon hole racks make sure that the components as well as the hardware of the structure are long- lasting. After all, you are opting for these racks to support the changing variety of stock. So, you don’t intend to spend frequenty on the racks.

  • Simply cleanable

As the sections are small and easily accessible. It is easy to clean too. The standard size of the sections are medium or small. So, cleaning them is easier.

  • Visually appealing

The modern Suppliers are offering very stylish designs of the pgion hole racks. Choose a visually appealing rack system for the best aesthetic impact.

  • Water resistance

 Every Manufacturing company will expect to keep their prodtcs safe from water or moisture exposure. And you can achieve the same if you are using this particular type of racking system.

  • lightweight

buy from the Best sellers, and you will get the durable but lightweight racks. It will  help in moving the racks around.

If you plan to buy the racks at the justified Prices, visit the online store of PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based manufacturer and supplier) to serve you across Chennai India




Two Tier Racking System

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Two Tier Racking System

Uniformly Distributed Load - 50 to 100 KG per cell 

PRK Steel(Chennai India based company and supplier) racks are known for its Quality and latest trendy display styles according to todays upcoming retail chain departmental stores in Chennai india, we always keep in mind that our racks should be as beautiful and convinient which doubles the charm of your ambience. Here we are displaying only few types of Supermarket racks We can manufacturer two tier racking system as per your Designs also. PRK is among the best supplier across country in the industry.


Display racks which are widely used in a variety of industries and retail outlets. One can find efficient and well-organized storage units in chemists, liquor shops, confectionaries, boutiques, retail stores, grocery stores, libraries, book stores, shopping malls, and other places. Display racks are available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and designs as per the customization specifications of the clients.



Slotted Angle Two Tier Racking

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Slotted Angle Two Tier Racking

Uniformly Distributed Load - 50 to 100 KG per cell 

How to Increase Warehouse Capacity with Slotted Angle Two-Tier Racking

The space within the warehouse is limited. When you plan to expand the small or medium- scale business, it may not be possible for you to buy more space for a new warehouse immediately. So, you have to think of enhancing the usable space within the existing square feet area.

The Slotted Angle Two Tier Racking turn out to be one of the most advantageous storage solutions for warehouses. 

Maximize available space

There is no better way to amplify the available space other than the slotted angle racks. You can store goods of various sizes in a very organized form. Space won't be a limitation anymore for business expansion if you choose the accurate manufacturer. 

High longevity

These racks are the epitome of strength and durability. The top manufacturing companies usually use solid steel for making these racks. The designs ar sturdy and will last longer than many other carrier options. The robust construction aids in serving the warehouse longer than you can imagine. 

Cost-effective solution

The price of the slotted angle racks available with the reputed Supplier is reasonable. Thus, you don’t have to break the bank to get yourself the storage solution. Of course, you will be able to save a lot of money with the storage solution by avoiding buying new space. 

But you have to choose the Best company for the storage racks. You should be able to depend on the quality of the product. These are one-time investments. Make sure that you don’t have to invest regularly in the same. PRK Steel Pvt ltd is always the preference of maximum customers. 





Heavy Duty Two Tier Racking

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Heavy Duty Two Tier Racking

Uniformly Distributed Load - 300kg to 2000 kg per cell

3 Myths About Heavy Duty Two-Tier Racking and Debunking them

If you are maintaining a warehouse for some time, you will know that racking solutions are the best for maximizing the available space. But there are certain myths about the racks that may make you hesitate before deciding to buy. 

here are a few myths about the Heavy- Duty Two Tier Racking along with the facts. It will help you to make better decisions regarding storage solutions. 

Myth #1: Racks will collapse under pressure

It is true that when you are planning to store very heavy articles on the racks, you have to be very specific about the load capacity of the racks. But if the Manufacturer has provided you with a heavy-duty rack that has a weight capacity higher than what you expect to store, it will never collapse. 

The design of the heavy-duty racks is such that they will withstand all the pressure, wear and tear. But the Supplier should be dependable enough.

Myth #2: These racks are very costly

Have you checked the prices of the heavy-duty two-tier racks? On visiting the online stores of different Manufacturing companies, you will realize that these are cost-effective options. So there is no need to think that the investment will be considerable. 

Myth #3: Customization is impossible

And who said so? Approach the Best manufacturers of heavy-duty double-tier racks and see their enthusiasm for meeting the needs of the customers. Top companies like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) best in industry in Chennai India will offer customization of the racks in terms of shapes and size to make them worthy enough for the warehouse. 





Pallet Rack

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Pallet Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load - 500kg to 2000 kg per cell

4 Reasons Why You Need Pallet Racks to Upgrade the Warehouse

A busy warehouse needs frequent upgrades. The presence of various equipment and multiple employees can make the space crowded. Pallet rack from the top Manufacturer will be a useful addition to storage systems in the warehouse. 

While planning the revision of the warehouse, you need to think of smart solutions. The right pallet racks will always improve warehouse operations. Efficient storage will streamline the workflow. It will also boost productivity. 

But before you invest in the racks, it is essential to know about the reasons that justify the investment. 

Reason #1: Ideal for limited space

Do you find yourself running out of space in the warehouse? It is a common problem once you plan to expand the operations. The square footage won't be enough to house the increasing inventory. Pallet racks will be the perfect solution. 

  • You can utilize the vertical space available instead of occupying more floor space.
  • The storage process is safe, as the racks are very strong. 
  • If you have forklifts, then storing the heavyweight inventory in vertical racks won't be a headache. 

That is why the Supplier will suggest buying the pallet racks if you want to find the right solution for the shortage of space in the warehouse. 

Reason #2: Avoid damage to inventory

Sometimes, unplanned inventory management will lead to damaged goods in the warehouse. Improper storage will cause damage to the products even while accessing them. And it is a clear indication that you need to change the storage system. 

  • The pallet racks will prevent the unnecessary stacking of products one on top of the other. 
  • You can actually allocate individual space to the inventory. 

This will reduce the chances of damaged goods to a great extent. And it will make the space safer for everyone. 

Reason #3: More efficiency

It is evident that pinpointing the shortcomings in efficiency level is possible only when you find a better plan. And that’s what you will notice once you buy the pallet racks from the most popular Manufacturing company.

  • Unplanned storage will lead to a waste of time trying to access the inventory when necessary.
  • Loss of revenue increases as the number of damaged goods increases due to bad storage plans.
  • Slow workflow is the direct impact of disorganized inventory management. 

Pallet racks give you the opportunity to organize the inventory with proper labelling. Accessing gets easier and more convenient. With quick and easy access to the stock, you can minimize the time of operating the forklifts. 

Therefore, the work efficiency level increases significantly. 

Reason #4: Prevent employee injuries

In most warehouses, space management gets clumsy without the racks. And workers get injured seriously while trying to access, load, or unload the inventory in such limited space. 

But if you are buying the Best quality pallet racks, you can save yoru company from paying multiple compensations to workers. Also, you can prevent the surge in insurance rates. Moreover, if you buy these racks, you can minimize the chances of facing legal action. 

PRK Steels Pvt. Ltd. offers top-quality pallet racks at reasonable prices. Invest in these racks for highly organized warehouse inventory management. 




High Rise Pallet Rack

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High Rise Pallet Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load - 500kg to 2000 kg per cell

The Varied Use Of High Rise Pallet Rack In Industrial Sectors And Warehouses

It is true that you are going to invest some money on the High Rise Pallet Rack. So, getting it from the trusted manufacturer or the supplier is always a good call by your side. The reputed manufacturing team is well-aware of the best raw materials, which will make High Rise Pallet Rack lasts longer.

  • As you can understand from the name itself, the main goal of High Rise Pallet Rack is to help store all the necessary items in a warehouse or industry in an organized manner.
  • Available within affordable prices, you get the chance to choose between multiple High Rise Pallet Racks before making a vital choice.
  • Yes, it might take some time to come across the best model, but it is going to be a one-time investment plan from your side to address.

For the best buy, make sure to team up with PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company)  as your trusted manufacturing unit across Chennai India


Ladder Cable Tray

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Ladder Cable Tray

What You Need To Know About Ladder Cable Tray

This might be the very first time when you have come across reputed manufacturer or supplier of Ladder Cable Tray. You are ready to invest some bucks on that. But before you do so, it is highly recommended to know what Ladder Cable Tray is all about. The experts from reliable manufacturing unit are more than happy to share some knowledge.

  • Mostly known as ladder tray, cable runway and more, Ladder Cable Tray comes with simple design that consists of side rails with some of the rungs connected.
  • The best rungs are perforated, which will make it easier to fasten the cable ties or the cable cleats directly on the ladder.
  • This form of service is highly suitable for the electrical, telecommunications and the instrumentation cables.

With reliable centers by your side, you don’t have to invest a lot of money in order to buy the perfect Ladder Cable Tray. The prices are highly affordable from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd.(Chennai India based company) serving across Chennai India


Perforated Cable Tray

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Perforated Cable Tray

Everything You Need To Know About Perforated Cable Tray

Reputed manufacturer is currently working hand with the best ever supplier to create premium quality Perforated Cable Tray for industrial uses. This is a form of cable tray, which will hold holes on the bottom sheets. There are side rails available for laying down power and signal cables. The manufacturing units will create the tray for distributing electricity lines, signaling in the industrial plants, gyms, hospitals, departmental stores, airport and similar other areas.

Focusing on the width, height, collar, length and thickness is important before you can buy the best Perforated Cable Tray, which will be mostly available within affordable prices from reliable centers.

Dealing with the raw materials and the final finish:

The most common raw materials used for manufacturing Perforated Cable Tray are mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel. It comes with the hot dip galvanized finish, or the Galvanized sheet powder coated enamel paint.

PRK Steel Pvt Ltd (Chennai India based company)is the name you can trust for premium quality Perforated Cable Tray across Chennai India


S S Trolley

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S S Trolley

The Areas Where S.S. Trolley Is Mostly Seen To Be Used

Also known as stainless steel trolley, the main goal of this product is to help keep various objects in an organized manner and also moving the trolley around with the items on it. The reputed manufacturer will be using the premium quality raw materials for manufacturing these SS trolley. After that, he is going to catch up with the best supplier in town, ready to get the trolley delivered to different industries within set prices.

Where can you use them and why?

  • The best SS trolley is mostly used in the supermarkets for storage and also for carrying products, which are needed for the clients.
  • These trolleys are available with that stable design and with double ball like wheels.
  • They are quite easy to maintain and can even carry full load with ease.

So, you can always get the chance to buy premium quality stainless steel trolley from the house of PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) right away across Chennai India


Wall side Display Rack

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Wall side Display Rack

What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Wall side Display Rack

There are some promising reasons to come across the best manufacturer or supplier for your wall side display rack. These racks are widely seen in multiple retail outlets, manufacturing any kind of object. The display racks will help the store owners to keep their items in the most attractive manner so that people can come inside and get the items they are looking for. Before you end up buying the best wall side display racks within your set prices, it is time to check in with some benefits.

  • Maximize the present use of floor and wall space
  • Presents better good visibility rate
  • Perfect for engaging the impulse buyers
  • Great for showcasing new items at the store
  • Enhancing the present store’s appearance to the next level

So, if you own a retail outlet and planning to attract more potential customers, get to buy the best wall side display racks right away from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai based company) serving across Chennai India


Modular Mezzanine Floor

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Modular Mezzanine Floor


6 Advantages of Installing the Modular Mezzanine at Your Warehouse

If you have a small or medium-sized business, then the modular mezzanine floor will be ideal. When the top Manufacturer of the mezzanine floor suggests planning a modular structure, you may have doubts. Is it really necessary to go for the modular structure?

The answer is mostly “yes.” Once you know about the use of the mezzanine floor, you will also agree that the modular format is always going to be the better option. 


What is a modular mezzanine? 

The modular mezzanine floor is a temporary construction. There will be sections of particular dimensions that you can bolt together to whatever configuration you want. 

  • It is more cost-effective than the customization of the mezzanine floors.
  • If your company does not need customized sizes of the mezzanine floor, then you can always choose the modular mezzanine construction. 

For instance, you can get 10-foot by 10- foot sections that have a load limit. 

Purpose of investing in modular mezzanine

The floor space of a warehouse is premium. As each square foot of the space is valuable, you cannot afford to ignore the vertical space available. 

If you choose a premium Supplier, you can get the top-quality modular mezzanine that will offer the much-needed solution to use vertical space. This will free up a lot of floor space. Once you add the vertical tier, you are technically doubling up the floor space available at a certain vertical height. 

Let’s jump in and share the top uses of modular structures. 

#1: Improved productivity

You can't deny that moving around a crowded warehouse is a time-consuming affair, getting past loads of boxes and equipment to access the needed products will always hinder workflow.

But the modular mezzanine floor will help you utilize the floor space in a better way.

#2. Economic option

There is no better way to double up the floor space than buying the modular mezzanine floor. The top-notch companies are manufacturing modular structures at a reasonable price. So, you don’t have to invest in buying a new warehouse as long as you have free vertical space.

#3: Better safety

A crowded warehouse makes a risky space to work. Unless the workers can move around freely across the distribution centre or warehouse, there is always a chance of injuries. Think of the compensations that you have to pay for such workers’ injuries.

With the modular mezzanine, you can use the space to store all the equipment inventory or machinery that can hinder manual activities.

#4: Flexibility

Don’t forget that the structure won't be a permanent one. If you think that you don’t need it anymore, take it down. Better, move it to the new warehouse, to utilize the vertical space overhead. 

You can even store the same and use it later when necessary. 

#5. Secured storage

If you invest in the Best mezzanine, you can store even your valuables under lock and key. 

#6. Ease of installation

As it is easy to install the modular mezzanine, you can get the structure ready in a couple of days. 

Buy from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) to get the premium quality modular mezzanine at the best prices then its compettors across Chennai India




Fabric Storage Rack

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Fabric Storage Rack

The Proper Use Of Fabric Storage Rack

If you own a clothing store or a manufacturing unit, you know the importance of fabric storage rack. As understood from the name of the products, these racks are made by top class manufacturer for storing all your pieces separately to avoid messing out the ironing. The reputed supplier is well aware of the best racks to supply to stores and some different ones for the warehouses and fabric industry.

Available at affordable rates when purchased in bulk:

The prices of these racks are not that high if you plan to purchase them in bulk. However, it is important for you to buy one after you have compared multiple options and then make an investment. It is important to understand the bulk fabric order you need to store before you can get some for your use.

The team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai-based manufacturer), one of the biggest suppliers in Chennai India is more than happy to present you with the best fabric storage racks of all time.


Drum Storage Rack

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Drum Storage Rack

What Are The Benefits Of Drum Storage Rack

There are some solid reasons on why manufacturer and supplier are working extra time to manufacture some of the best drum storage rack. There are all-new manufacturing units established for the sake of making such storage racks. Once you are sure of the benefits involved, you will realize the cause behind their growing prices.

  • Let’s just say that the drum storage racks are perfect for storing all kinds of heavy duty drums.
  • These racks are made capable to lend good support to steel drums and barrels as well.
  • The racks further help in maximizing the vertical space.
  • That gives forklifts enough area to move right between the racks around here.

All these benefits clearly portray on why you need to buy drum storage racks right away! Yes, it might take some time to choose the best firm for help but the team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) is more than happy to help across Chennai India

What Are The Basic Uses Of Drum Storage Rack

If you are associated with an industry where there is growing use of drums and barrels, then let’s not waste time and catch up with the manufacturer and supplier of drum storage racks. As it can pretty much be understood from the name itself, the main goal of these racks is to store and also dispense drums, barrels or containers, which are known to have spill prone liquids, water and oils.

  • Thanks to some of the best manufacturing units, you can get your hands on the best drum storage racks within pre-set prices.
  • These drum racks are mostly designed for supporting that safe storage of around 30 and 55 gallon drums and with maximized efficiency level.

So, make sure to buy within pre-set rates if you are dealing with drums and storage barrels on a daily basis. The team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd is all set to offer some quality deals on these drums.



Barrel Storage Rack

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Barrel Storage Rack

What Type Of Barrels Can Barrel Storage Rack Store

If you are associated with an industry where you can see growing use of drums or barrels, then investing in some barrel storage rack will be a great call. You have reputed manufacturer and supplier working hand in hand to create the best storage racks for your barrels.

  • Thanks to reliable manufacturing units, you get to invest in the best barrel storage racks, made using premium quality raw materials.
  • Mostly, steel or high-end plastic materials are used for manufacturing these racks.
  • In the end, these racks are supposed to hold the weight of 35 and 55 gallon drums easily.
  • The prices are within the affordable ground so that anyone in need can buy the barrel storage racks.

Make sure to measure the sizes of the racks before you plan to get one for your use. Always remember that the ones from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) are available in different measurements to serve its customers across Chennai India


Double Deep Pallet Rack

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Double Deep Pallet Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load - 500kg to 3000 kg per cell

Double Deep Pallet Rack – Easy Way To Reach To Your Industrial Pallets

In layman’s term, the Double Deep Pallet Rack is a significant storage system, which remains halfway between adjustable pallet racking systems and compact storage systems. Designed by premium manufacturer and sold by too-notch supplier, it is important to buy the quality items within set prices from reputed manufacturing units only.

  • Here, within these systems, the pallets will b stored at two different depths.
  • That helps in achieving the higher storage density, within warehouses and industries.
  • On the other hand, you get the chance to access the pallets in a rather simple way.
  • Once you buy double deep pallet rack, you can reach out to your needful pallets relatively quicker than other methods.

So, what are you waiting for? The next time you are planning to get your hands on some of the premium quality double deep pallet racks, you are cordially invited to come and join PRK Steel Pvt Ltd for the same.


Body Part Storage Racks

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Body Part Storage Racks

What Are The Probable Uses Of Body Part Storage Racks

Searching the vast world of internet will let you come across the best manufacturer working hard with the supplier to help you present the best body part storage racks. These are some of the best rack storage products, which the manufacturing units are working for short and long term holding of materials, products and more.

  • These products are the best solutions to hold loads and products in a distribution facility or manufacturing unit.
  • With little bit of extra search from your side, you will come across industrial storage racks within set prices, designed to hold items in an organized area and setting them aside from the rest.

So, next time you are looking to keep your industrial items organized, remember to spend some money to buy storage racks from reliable sources. Make sure to catch up with the team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) and gain desired results at the same time for the satisfaction for its customers across Chennai India



Push Pull Type Mobile Compactor

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Push Pull Type Mobile Compactor

How To Choose Push Pull Type Mobile Compactor

The manual version of the Push Pull Type Mobile Compactor is considered to be a significant storage system, which is not just economical but maintenance free solution. It is widely presented by top-notch manufacturer and supplier team and ready to be used in smaller storage areas.

Now with so many manufacturing units claiming to offer the best Push Pull Type Mobile Compactor, how can you possibly choose the best one? The lists, pointed below will help you big time.

  • Always focus on the prices of the Push Pull Type Mobile Compactor before making the final arrangement.
  • Be sure to focus on the size of the compactor before you get to buy one from reputed brands.
  • Focusing on the best brand name is important as investing in compactor is a one-time thing.

Once you have chosen the team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai based company) for help to is customers across Chennai India, there is no looking back!


Double side Gandola Rack

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Double side Gandola Rack

Double side Gandola Rack – Perfect For Supermarket Display And More

You are aiming to catch up with the best team of manufacturer and supplier to help you come across top-notch quality Double side Gandola Rack. Mostly known as Gondola Shelving, it is mainly provided by the manufacturing units to the modern shops as display shelving. It presents the retail outlets with the chance to maximize their current retail space.

  • It is mostly considered to be the best free standing double-sided unit, which won’t need to get fixed to the walls and have been well designed with the customer convenience by your side.
  • These products are available within pre set prices and will help you to enhance the shop display features to the next level from supermarkets to chemists and what not.

Now you get the chance to buy the best Double side Gandola Rack from reliable experts from the house of PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) and don’t have to look anywhere else. for its customers satisfaction across Chennai India 


Goods Lift

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Goods Lift

Goods Lift – The High-End Benefits Involved With Its Usage

Primarily known as a vertical material lift, the Goods Lift can play a significant role in keeping people safe from workplace injuries, especially the ones associated with warehouses and industries. Looking for the best manufacturer or the supplier of top-quality Goods Lift is really important because these mechanisms are towards the costlier side. So, once the purchase has been made from reliable manufacturing units, there is no turning back.

The benefits of using Goods Lift:

As it has been mentioned earlier, the best quality Goods Lift will call for a good investment from your side. But, before you do so, learning about the benefits involved is a good idea.

  • Get the chance to reduce risk of worker injury with Goods Lift by your side. The conveyor can help reduce not just injuries but death at workplace as well.
  • One way to protect products and goods is by using Goods Lift. The material lifts can reduce your chance of damaging products by accidentally dropping them.
  • Increase the level of safety, efficiency and high-end productivity with the help of Goods Lift. Get the ones whose prices are likely to match your pre-set budget plans.
  • Thanks to material lift, you get the chance to increase the revenue channel of your warehouse.
  • Lastly, the Goods Lift can be customized to match your flexible needs.

Make sure to check out the plus points, before you plan to buy Goods Lift and invest some bucks on them. For some discounted deals, try visiting PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) once. We have wide range of products and customers across Chennai India


Hand Pallet Truck

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Hand Pallet Truck

What You Need To Know About Hand Pallet Truck

This is your very first time hearing about Hand Pallet Truck from the manufacturer or the supplier you have been doing business with. With all the handling of materials and pallets taking place in a warehouse, it is vital to deploy a forklift for assisting employees. With the help of a Hand Pallet Truck, you can easily help out your team to operate in a safe manner and add higher runs of productivity in warehouse or even on the road.

More on pallet trucks:

There are multiple manufacturing units, working on the best Hand Pallet Truck these days. These trucks are purposely designed to handle and move heavy loads within warehouses, distribution centers and more.

  • These Hand Pallet Trucks are hand operated completely.
  • Then you have the electric versions, which are a bit higher in prices and will have powered lift mechanism.
  • For operating the Hand Pallet Truck, the employee must use force to move it and then place the forks into pallet or under the skid.
  • The jack will then rise up off the floor to the needed height and the operator then gets to move the load in its new destination.

The suitable uses:

If you are dealing with hard standing and short distance grounds, then you might want to buy the quality Hand Pallet Truck for your use. During such instances, the Hand Pallet Truck is vital for loading and unloading various materials.

For some discounted deals on the best Hand Pallet Truck, you are most welcome to give PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) a visit!  We have satisifed customers woth the quality of our products across Chennai India


Copular Plates Joint

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Copular Plates Joint

Copular Plates (Joint) – Perfect For Stacking Your Kitchen Plates And Lids

The reliable manufacturer and supplier are now working together to help people get the best copular plates joint for their kitchen. Only the best raw materials are used for manufacturing the racks, so that they can hold the plates and other dishes to dry out as and when needed. Get yourself the best ones within affordable prices from online stores.

But before you do come up with a purchase, it is important to check out the features of the items. That will help you to go for the right buy and not waste money on unwanted racks.

  • The stainless steel is the main material, used for manufacturing these plates. They are sturdy and durable. Some of them are nickel chrome plated for making them corrosion and rust free.
  • Now, you get the chance to keep your counter space and cabinets organized by securing dishes and lids in the copular plates.

The plate stand for kitchen will keep the items neat within the cabinets or even on your countertops. And the rungs will separate all the items from one another, making it easier for you to grab a piece or lid when you need, without disrupting the stack.

Focus on the price point:

Looking at the price point is highly crucial before investing money on these joints. In case you are looking for some quality items, you are most welcome to check in with the team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) right now. There are different items available at set rates for our customers across Chennai India





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Raceway Storage Units – Multiple Sizes To Match Your Needs

Whether you are making plans to store your mobile for the summer or living room items while remodeling the area, you need a storage unit that will fit your needs the most. The reputed manufacturer and best supplier in town would like to offer the best raceway storage units to give out a try.

  • Here, you will receive traditional self-storage units in various sizes and in different locations.
  • You will receive residential, commercial and industrial containers from the source, for on-site and some corporate uses as well.
  • In case you are looking for some bigger storage help, then the heavy-duty Conex containers will be there for storage and retrofitted services. These products are all set for the site works.

Getting the items delivered:

The manufacturing units working on the best Raceway containers will work with some of the trained staff members. They are here to clean the storage units and present them to your noted location.

  • You get to pack your goods at your right pace, and secure them inside the e-track system.
  • When you are all ready to move, the team will move the items to your new location, which in turn, will save you a great deal of money and time, and with less stress.

Depending on the sizes of the storage units, the prices are subject to fluctuate. But, you get to buy the units once they are available within discounted deals. If you want to know more about the available storage options, kindly visit PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) now! and get to know our wide range of products to serve across Chennai India


Filing Cabinet

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Filing Cabinet

Why Store Your Important Official Documents Inside A Filing Cabinet

Thanks to modern technology, the uses of paper documents have become less prevalent in modernized workspaces. However, the documents that remain are typically of higher priority level and of great importance. That’s when the office owners are looking for manufacturer and supplier dealing with filing cabinet.

  • The filing cabinets are not just designed to provide storage for the important papers, but they are going to protect them at the same time.
  • The filing cabinet or the filing is a central record-keeping system for any organization.
  • The rack or the cabinet helps you to keep the major documents in an organized, efficient, systematic and transparent manner.
  • These cabinets will help out people to access information in an easy manner and all the major documents will remain under one umbrella.

The best manufacturing unit is currently using the finest raw materials for the filing cabinets. Once purchased, these cabinets can bear the brunt of dents and scratches and will last for decades to come. Some of the modern ones are fire and water resistant. So, even if any accident breaks out, your documents will remain safe within the cabinet.

Using the metallic ones:

Whenever you are looking for the best filing cabinets within set prices, the metallic ones will always act in your favor. Special fireproof metal cabinets are designed and well lined up with concrete and some other compounds to protect the contents inside the cabinet.

For the best buy, visit the right team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) and you need not have to look any further in whole Chennai India


Plastic Drawer Storage Rack

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Plastic Drawer Storage Rack

Determine The Sturdiness Of Plastic Drawer Storage Rack Before A Purchase

This is not the first time when you are planning to catch up with the best manufacturer of plastic drawer storage rack to keep all your things organized. These plastic bins are designed to last the longest and won’t invite rust like the steel ones from reputed supplier. However, in any official environment, you will have to deal with multiple plastic drawers at the same time. Keeping these drawers together in an organized manner will not just save you time while finding your items, but also some space.

That’s why the reliable manufacturing team has come across to invest the best Plastic Drawer Storage Rack.

More on the rack:

As it is pretty much self-explanatory, Plastic Drawer Storage Rack is designed to keep all the plastic drawers organized, on top of one another.

  • Depending on the size of the storage racks, you can store few or many of the plastic bins in a proper manner.
  • If the storage rack is bigger in size, then be prepared to spend some extra prices on them.
  • Furthermore, be sure to check out the materials used for manufacturing these storage racks.
  • Always remember that the storage racks will use sturdy raw materials to create final product, ready to hold the pressure of plastic drawers.
  • These drawers are filled up with necessary items, before stacking them inside the storage rack. So, the Plastic Drawer Storage Rack needs to withstand the pressure too well.

Look for some discounts when you are making plans to buy Plastic Drawer Storage Rack for the first time. The team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) is ready to help! Our customers from whole Chennai India are always satisfied with our products 


Plastic Bin Storage Rack

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Plastic Bin Storage Rack

Plastic Bin Storage Rack – Matching With The Working Capability Of The Plastic Bins

There are so many names under manufacturer and supplier chains, which are working on plastic bin storage rack these days. There are multiple plastic bins and crates available, which are perfect use for those, keep on efficient stock management.

  • These manufacturing units are working on durable plastic bins, which will not just reduce cost but will help you with better return on investment plans.
  • These plastic bins can be used for storing all the items you need easily.
  • You can widely see their uses in stock units, where the goods will get handled manually.
  • These bins are now popularly used within closed loop applications and even in some long term storage facilities.

Now for the racking system:

The racking system of the best plastic bins will determine what kind of bin you should be using. It helps in determining the size and type of the racking systems to play a major role in choice of bins and more.

  • The prices of the racks along with the bins are collaborated together to help you get them in a pack.
  • The choice of these products will depend on the kinds of good stored and the handling preferences too.

You get the chance to buy plastic bin storage racks in different sizes, to match your requirements. These racks are sturdy enough to hold the pressure of multiple storage bins, all at once. Stainless steel and plastic are the two main raw materials used for their manufacturing.

For details, feel free to contact the team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd now(Chennai India based company)! Best in Chennai India


Worker Lockers

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Worker Lockers

Worker Lockers – What You Need To Know About Them

The organizations that house multiple employees to work under one umbrella should always present individual employee with their own specific worker lockers. So, looking for the best manufacturer and supplier of worker lockers is indeed a necessity.

Understanding more about the lockers:

As understood from the name itself, these lockers are the perfect safe spot where employees can store their belongings before entering the office premise. Right from office bags to smartphones, they can store anything.

  • The manufacturing unit is now offering lockers under key versions and digital passwords. Depending on the amount you want to spend on the best worker lockers, the features will vary.
  • The worker lockers are available in a collective bunch. So, one platform can house a minimum of 9 to 10 lockers for 10 separate individuals.
  • Depending on the size of the main wardrobe, the number of lockers will vary. If you are going for the bigger lockers, the prices will be towards the higher scale.

Some online stores are currently offering worker lockers at significant discounted deals. So, keeping a check on these websites from time to time is important if you want to buy the best model without burning a hole in the pocket.

The materials used for the lockers:

Always the sturdy materials are used for manufacturing these lockers. So, destroying those using basic tools is not possible. The lockers can only be used by the employees working in those environments.

For some thoughtful discounted deals on the worker lockers, feel free to visit the team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai based company) now! We are available to serve our customers across India


Office Almirah

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Office Almirah

Office Almirah – How To Make The Right Choice

Your office is a public place where you need the hardiest furniture to put in. The reputed manufacturer and supplier would recommend you to try investing in a stainless steel office Almirah if you are planning to store documents and other necessities in a rather organized manner. The manufacturing team is creative some of the most exclusive almirahs to go with your official environment.  But before you make your move with the best purchase within your pre-set prices, learning some basic features is a must.

  • Focus on the storage space:

You cannot determine the right almirah for your office unless you are sure of the storage space you need. So, it is always mandatory to understand the purpose of the furniture before you jump straight into making a purchase.

  • Now for the lockers:

Once the basic thought process has been made, it is time to buy almirah with the number of lockers you need. More lockers mean you get ample space to keep the items organized. Furthermore, with way too many lockers, the sizes of the almirah will also grow. So, measure out the space where you want to put the almirah in before you get to make a purchase.

  • Finally the price:

Always determine a price scale, within which you want the office furniture to stick to. There are different models with flexible price range. So, pre-set a budget before you end up buying one!

The team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) will offer some value-added discounts on some selective office almirahs. So, keep a check on that as well! PRK is best in industry across Chennai India


Steering Type Mobile Compactor

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Steering Type Mobile Compactor

Why Steering Type Mobile Compactor Is So Popular As Storage Alternative

There are various types of storage options available and the best manufacturer and supplier will always recommend you to give Steering Type Mobile Compactor a try. These products are well engineered to help you recover the lost flooring space. Overall, it can be targeted as a space saver in simple terms.

  • The rail mounted storage system can be configured pretty easily to suit any form of your storage needs.
  • There are rail constructions and special wheels attached to the models to increase the life working expectancy of the compactor.
  • With high-end mobility by your side, the Steering Type Mobile Compactor will provide easy operation.
  • These products are now available to match your multiple requirements with ease. They come both manually operated and mechanically assisted to offer maximum storage capacity within a compact system.

Now for the super structure:

The present super structure related to Steering Type Mobile Compactor consists of knock down type shelves and panels. The manufacturing units will be using premium quality CRCA sheets for the same.

Some of the components over here are front panels, shelves and central partitions, which will act as a major part of the unit. Depending on your chosen model, the prices are going to fluctuate.

Make an investment:

For that compact and mobile storage space, you need to buy Steering Type Mobile Compactor right away. Here, you will not just get enough space but the much needed security at the same time.

So, next time you are out there looking for Steering Type Mobile Compactor, visit the team at PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) for details. We are available to assist and serve ypu across Chennai India


Slotted Angle Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

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Slotted Angle Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

What Features To Look At Slotted Angle Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

Backed up some of the best names as manufacturer and supplier, you are likely to come across some of the finest examples under Slotted Angle Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor. Searching the vast world of internet will let you come across so many such models, making it tough to choose from. However, focusing on some interesting features will make it a lot easier for the investment from your side.

Get on with the features:

The manufacturing units are more than happy to offer the best quality items within the set prices to the needful clients. The best part is that you can buy from their side without burning a hole in the pocket. But, before you do anything, it is important to check out the features you are focusing on.

  • Thanks to the Slotted Angle Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor, you get the chance to increase the current space of the warehouse.
  • These floors are designed to offer that extra bit of space, needed for managing your storage items and handling them well.
  • The final items are durable and long lasting.
  • Thanks to the product, now you get to enjoy minimal moving expenditure to handle.
  • The top-notch mezzanine floors are crafted using the sheet metal, which is formed duly to withstand some of the huge loads.

Don’t forget to check out these features before you can finalize on the Slotted Angle Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor of your choice. For some great options, PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) is there to the rescue better then its competitiors across Chennai India


Heavy Duty Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

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Heavy Duty Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

Why Should You Invest In the Heavy Duty Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor


It is not uncommon to run out of space in commercial spaces. If you feel that you should expand the pallet storage without compromising the floor space, the Heavy Duty Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor is the ideal solution. 


Consider discussing the pros with the professional Manufacturer before investing as it will justify the money you are about to spend. 


A customizable option


The rack-supported mezzanine will help you to design a system that meets the particular needs of the business. As there will be racks to support the mezzanine, the supplier can avoid installing the columns. 

Therefore, the ultimate design will allow you to create the mezzanine level at the most economic price. 


Easy integration


If you plan to increase the workspace and storage space at the facility, you will need the rack-supported mezzanine. Different types of rack systems will support the mezzanine to create a wide functional area, storage facility or office space above the racks. 


High ROI


As the best quality mezzanines will demand the least investment than any new construction, you will save money. Moreover, as it qualifies for accelerated depreciation, the ROI will be higher. 


Aesthetically pleasing


Just take a look at the rack-supported mezzanine designs from the top manufacturing companies. You will realize that the aesthetic outcome will be no less than a good interior design. Additionally, it will create a functional space.


If you think that it will be a good decision, then approach PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai based company) to buy the rack-supported mezzanine. The company has excellent customer reviews about their mezzanine products across India



Pallet Racks

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Pallet Racks

4 Tips for Preventing Damages To Pallet Racks

Pallet Racks have the maximum demand in the present market. And why not? Pallet racks have successfully 

  • Simplified movement of goods
  • Reduced storage risks
  • Minimized pick-up time
  • Improved organization

But you need to take good care of them to prevent unnecessary damage. Thus, the expert Manufacturers share some tips to take care of your pallet racks. 

Tip #1: Train the staff

don't allow the untrained staff to handle the products with the pallet racks. You need to teach the employees basic things like

  • Operating limit of forklifts
  • Characteristics of the system
  • The handling capacity of the racks
  • Safety guidelines for use

The top Suppliers say that maximum damage to the racks happens to owe to unprofessional handling. 

Tip #2: Inspect regularly

Regular inspections are necessary o check all the parts and components, is there any sign of rusting or corrosion? The manufacturing companies share standard symptoms of internal glitches. You can even hire the manufacturers for routine inspections. 

Tip #3: Increase the visibility

 Even if you have assigned the best staff to handle the product and racks, uninhibited visibility is essential. So, buy such pallet racks that will offer maximum visibility of the products while loading or unloading. 

Tip #4: Adhere to loading capacity

You are well aware of the loading capacity of the rack. Kindly don’t overload as it can lead to disasters. While loading, ensure

  • Placing heavy loads on the lower racks
  • Customizing racks to bear maximum loads
  • Stacking the loads in an overlapping manner

Discuss the prices with a few companies before settling on one. Companies like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) always offer the best pricing across Chennai India with better guidance about maintenance. 




Long Span Racks

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Long Span Racks

Uniformly Distributed Load - 500kg to 1500 kg per cell

Why Long Span Racks Are Ideal for Retail Stores?

Long Span Racks or the long-span shelving system are ideal for heavy-duty shelving, storage shelving, and warehouse shelving. The Manufacturers make racks spanning over a great distance. Owing to their versatility, these shelves have captured a prominent place in retail stores. 

If you have limited floor space in the retail store or don’t have the necessary fund to install the pallet racking system, then settle for the long-span shelves. The prices are reasonable enough to invest safely.  

Durable and lightweight

The premium companies make the long-span racks using tensile, 2.4 gauge steel. This makes it string without adding to the weight. Thus, you can move the structure around in the warehouse without the need to compromise its strength or durability.

Ease of adjustment

It is convenient to adjust the long-span shelves. The Suppliers make sure to use pins and rivets instead of nuts and bolts. His will allow you to customize the structures depending on your exact needs. 

Also, the future-proof Manufacturing process makes it convenient to reassemble the shelves. You don’t have to alter much without the default settings. 

Store anything

The Best racks have adjustable features. So, you can store anything on the racks of different shapes, sizes, and weights. Just be sure that you are not exceeding the load capacity of the racks. Retailers can now keep bulky items or heavy-duty stuff more proficiently at the store. 

Buy the racks from expert manufacturers like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company). the company has many years of experience in the industry with an impressive reputation across Chennai India


Selective Pallet Rack

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Selective Pallet Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load - 500kg to 3000 kg per cell

5 Key Benefits Of Buying The Selective Pallet Rack

The effectiveness of Selective Pallet Rack will be the most common reason why it has become a warehouse staple. But you should know about a few benefits that you can enjoy if you adopt this convenient storage facility, 

Benefit #1: Experience the complete versatility

One of the primary advantages of the best selective pallet racking is the way you can customize it to suit your storage needs. Regardless of your business type, you can personalize these storage pallets to suit the nature of the warehouse. 

Benefit #2: Maximize the available space

The Manufacturers will provide a height restriction for the selective pallet racking. It will help to utilize much additional space within the warehouse that you couldn’t earlier. 

Benefit #3: First in, First out

But before choosing the racks, know the inventory management system of the warehouse thoroughly. These racks from the top Suppliers will be beneficial to store products if you follow First In, First Out system. The selective pallet racks will allow moving out the stock in the order they enter. 

Benefit #4: Cost-effective

The racks available at a low price can serve your needs efficiently you don't need to perform elaborate maintenance service on these racks. Overall, it will lower the cost.

Benefit #5: Ease of access

And the Manufacturing process ensures that you can access the products easily through manual labour or using equipment like a forklift. Convenient access lowers the chances of damage to products. 

PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) is the best company in Chennai India from where you can buy the top-quality selective pallet racks. The customer reviews confirm the manufacturing quality. 



Long Span Rack

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Long Span Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load - 500kg to 1500 kg per cell

What are the Common Applications of A Long Span Rack

The Long Span Racks refer to the steel shelves that span across a long distance. These racks are right now, an ideal storage solution in many warehouses. The adjustability factor along with the openness of the shelving makes the racks a popular choice. 

The modern versions of the long-span shelving systems offer modular construction with enough versatility. The standard shelf brackets comprise 3 components:

  • Beams
  • Posts
  • Decking

Let’s give you a list of the things that are best suitable for storing on these racks. 


The manufacturer will design the long-span shelving in such a way that you can plan long-term storage on them. there is no need of possessing the robustness of the pallet racks to withstand mechanical handling or very heavy loads. The things that you can easily store on the racks include

  • Bulky or fragile items
  • Things with irregular shapes
  • Mall to medium- sized products with certain weights
  • Wide and long objects

Moreover, you can buy the shelves even if you don’t have any equipment for product placing or unloading. you can use manual labour for the purpose. 

A versatile option

The Suppliers of the long-span racks always say that these are versatile structures. As a result, you can use it for a variety of purposes including

  • In the sheds and garages for the storage of household items, tools, equipment, and even sports equipment. 
  • Automotive Manufacturing companies can use these to store spare parts, equipment, or tires.
  • Files and sports equipment storage in school.

If you want to buy the best racks at the right price, PRK Steels Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) is the best shop in Chennai India to choose from.  



Fabric Roll Rack

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Fabric Roll Rack

3 Signs that Indicate It’s Time to Buy a Fabric Roll Rack

Do you own or operate a textile or fabric warehouse? Then you must agree that the Fabric Roll Rack is a good and meaningful investment for the business. The Manufacturers of the top quality racks offer products in affordable ranges. 

But how will you know that it’s time to buy the fabric roll rack? Well, here are the indicators that will let you know the right time to invest in the racks. 

#1. Running out of space

Once yiu run out of space for storing the carpets, fabric rolls, carpet padding or other textile rolls, the racks are the only solution. You can stack the rolls one on top of the other utilizing the entire vertical height of the space. 

The manufacturing companies of the racks design the structures in such a way that you can be reading each of the contents without occupying additional floor space for storage. 

#2. Trouble maintaining the inventory

Unless you have very advanced tools and equipment, tracking and processing a huge inventory of numerous fabric types will be a challenging process. A Supplier of fabric roll racks can ease the problem. There will be no more delays n pinpointing the right rolls with proper labels.  

#3. Disorganized workplace

Nothing can be more irritating than a completely chaotic warehouse. With items scattered here and there, you will spend hours tracking or finding the right items for delivery. And this will lead to issues in order fulfilment. 

If you see any of the above signs, know that it’s time to get the Best racks from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) at authentic prices better then iits competitiors across Chennai India




Medium-Duty Long Span Rack

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Medium-Duty Long Span Rack

Uniformly Distributed Load - 300kg to 1000 kg per cell

How to Use Medium-Duty Long Span Rack for Profit Maximization?

The manufacturers of Medium Duty Long Span Rack have noticed a significant surge in the demand for the racks. The primary reason is the growing consciousness among business owners regarding better storage solutions. 

Unfortunately, many companies still think that investing in long-span racks for medium-sized products is absolute wastage of money. Continue reading if you want to know how the racks can help you save some money instead of losing some. 

Less product damages

Handling medium-sized products that are not too heavy, nor too lightweight is quite difficult you don’t need forklifts to handle them. But the manual resources often neglect the handling process, leading to much product damage during loading or unloading from the storage section. 

The long-span shelves from the top Suppliers provide clear visibility of the products along with ease of access. Therefore, there is a minimum chance of product damage while handling.

Enhance the existing space

Instead of investing in a bigger warehouse or retail store space, you can simply maximize the existing space with these racks. The reputed manufacturing companies use good quality steel to make these racks. 

As a result, you get durable racks at reasonable prices. 

A permanent solution

For expanding businesses, the long-span racks will be a permanent storage solution. You can be free of headaches to look for new warehouses as long as you have ample racks. But invest in the best products for higher durability.

You can buy from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) if you prefer excellence of quality in whole Chennai India




Heavy Duty Mould Die Rack

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Heavy Duty Mould Die Rack

3 Criteria that the Heavy Duty Mould Die Rack Must fulfil

Requirements change for storage solutions depending on the nature of the business. So, you will need a variety of options for the Heavy Duty Mould Die Rack from the Manufacturer, if you plan to buy a suitable structure. 

But you should have a few criteria in mind that will help you in discussing yoru needs more clearly with the Supplier.


How do you want to access the products? The standard die mould racks will allow easy accessibility with pull-out drawers for better storage and convenience. If you need something extra, you need to discuss the same with the company. 

Sometimes, reputed manufacturing companies offer customization plans where you can change the rack styling according to your needs. 

Check the load capacity

As you are planning to buy heavy-duty racks, it is important to know the maximum load capacity of the rack. And then calculate what can be the probable highest weight that you need to store in the rack. 

The best idea is to buy racks that have a higher load capacity than the maximum weight of the products you plan to store it will prevent chances of overloading by mistake. 

Compare the costs

The prices of the products vary depending on the nature of the racks, the number of shelves, the height of the rack, load potential and other such parameters. 

A comparative study of the prices from different brands will help to find out the justified cost of the structures. 

Maximum warehouse owners are preferring heavy-duty mould die racks from PR Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai Chennai based company) these days as the company excels in designing the perfect racking systems across Chennai India


Medium Duty Mould Die Rack

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Medium Duty Mould Die Rack

2 Things that You Should not Ignore While Buying the Medium Duty Mould Die Rack

The Medium Duty Mould Die Rack has become a perfect solution for many warehouses where storage has always been a problem. The way the racks can solve storage issues is appreciable. Several Manufacturers are producing these racks that offer a maximum number of choices to buyers. 

However, if you don’t know which are the important factors to consider while buying the racks, you may end up focussing on the wrong features. So, it's time to know which features need full attention while you select the best model. 

#1. Minimum order quantity

All of you know that you need to inquire about the quality of the product and the components. But do you know that some Suppliers mention a minimum order quantity for the purchase?

Suppose, you will need one rack for the warehouse right now. But the seller mentioned that the minimum order quantity is 2. In that case, it will be your call whether to best in buying two or you should look for other Manufacturing companies where you can buy a single piece. 

#2. Number of shelves

You may overlook the part where they mention how many shelves are available. Also, the companies mention whether it is customizable. 

  • Check the height and width of the shelves. If the dimensions are fine, calculate whether the given number o shelves will be adequate for storage purposes. 
  • If there is an option to customize, check what extra price the company will charge for customisation. 

Buy from trustworthy sources like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) to make sure that you have a clear idea about each specification and feature of the product manufactures by the best company in Chennai India




Single-Side Cantilever Rack

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Single-Side Cantilever Rack

How To Achieve Storage Flexibility with Single-Side Cantilever Rack

Every warehouse needs a unique storage solution. And the Single Side Cantilever Rack is going to provide just the same. Buy the best quality cantilever racks to make sure that you enjoy the right benefits. 

Flexibility of storage

Cantilever racks are undeniably the best storage options if you consider the openness of the structure. If you want to keep it along the wall of one side, then you need single-sided racks. It will make the storage flexible with easy access to the products. 

Look for the top Manufacturers for customized designs. 

Ease of organization

When you need to store a variety of items in the racks, you will prefer these one-sided racks. The cantilever storage racks will offer the perfect space to organize the products in the way you want. 

But you have to contact reliable Suppliers for finding the appropriate models. 

Convenient installation and reconfiguration

It is very easy to install the cantilever racks. And the process of configuration or reconfiguration is even easier. Intelligent Manufacturer companies maintain flexibility in the vertical design to make sure that you can reconfigure the racks depending on the changing needs of the business. 

Size options

The cantilever racks come in a variety of sizes. Each size will offer upward mobility to some extent. There is the possibility to extend or retract the arms. the prices will vary accordingly. You can easily adjust the structure to fit the available layout. 

If you plan to Buy a durable product, you should look nowhere beyond PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai Chennai based company) which is one of the best company in Chennai India in its industry, their reputation precedes their quality of products. 



Double-Sided Cantilever Rack

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Double-Sided Cantilever Rack

How Can the Double-Sided Cantilever Rack Help in Storage Space with Limited Area

Cantilever racking has always been an effective racking solution for storage in warehouses. But when you have very limited space, the Double Sided Cantilever Rack can be of more help. It will help in storing things like pipes and wooden panels safely with no problems in accessing. 

Discuss the details with the leading Manufacturers to know exactly how it can work out for the spaces with dimensional limitations. 

Ideal for objects with irregular shapes

When you are dealing with the bug metal pipes or aluminium sheets, you are not dealing with objects with standard dimensions. The only type of rack that can support the storage of such long and bulky materials is the cantilever racking system.

But for making the loading and unloading more convenient, the manufacturing companies have designed double-sided cantilever racks that will allow access from either side. This way, you can maintain a common passageway to access objects in the storage on two sides of the passages. 

Such racks are the best-suited options for warehouses where you have a limited square foot area. 

Special features

The double-sided cantilever racks have a few special features including

  • Absence of a vertical post at the front.
  • Open from both sides
  • Adjustable arms and columns.

Such features help in convenient storage without damaging the items. And the price is not exorbitant. 

But you should learn the details of the structures from the Supplier first as you should know what you are buying. PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) is the right place in whole Chennai India to buy the double-sided cantilever racks. 




Pigeon Hole Racks

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Pigeon Hole Racks

Uniformly Distributed Load - 50 to 100 KG per cell 

5 Amazing benefits of The Commercial Pigeon Hole Racks

Space limitations always pose a problem in warehouses as well as office spaces. That is why smart manufacturers like PRK have designed the Pigeon Hole Racks. these have become the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing options for storage in commercial spaces. 

In this type of rack, there will be small holes in the cabinets or shelves where you can place different items as you please. What’s more, the top suppliers offer you the liberty to customize the product as you want. 

Here are the amazing benefits of pigeon-hole shelving units.

  1. Pigeon holes will be an amazing storage solution for commercial as well as personal spaces. The design is such that you can store a variety of products in the holes individually. And it will never cause a problem in identifying the products. 
  2. You don’t have to apply special efforts to maintain these racks. it is easy to clean them as there are separate small spaces for storage. 
  3. If you buy from the top companies, you can rely on the durability of the construction. The top manufacturers use metals or steel for the manufacturing of these shelves. 
  4. The best shelves have a beautiful aesthetic outcome, as a result, you can flaunt them for organizing the warehouse or office space. 
  5. The prices of the pigeon hole racks are low. So, you can get the best quality materials at a reasonable price, provided you discuss with the expert companies. 

Thus, you should contact PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) which is best in its industry in whole India immediately to know what are the available options for the above shelves. 


Spare Part Racks

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Spare Part Racks

3 Ways How the Spare Part Racks Organize the Inventory

According to recent statistics, the average workers spend 1.5 hours every day locating things. As time is money for any business, you need a more efficient system to support the small parts inventory. Buy the Spare Part Racks that can convert the chaotic situation into a controlled and organized form. 

With different Manufacturers designing spare part racks nowadays, you can now have several ways to manage the inventory.

  1. Minimize the clutter

Any human being can concentrate more on the work in an uncluttered space. And that is certainly necessary for the warehouse of spare parts. It’s time to clean up the mess and organise things neatly.

The reputed Suppliers can provide you with the most effective racks that will aid in storing the spare parts. 

  1. Maximize vertical space use

And here comes the best part about the spare part racks. one rack will use minimal floor space and maximum vertical space. So you will be literally storing the products in a space which was never in use. 

It's the best solution as you will be utilizing the free space instead of covering up more floor space and adding to the clutter. 

  1. Segregation is easy

If you want to categorize the spare parts and store them in groups with labels, nothing can beat the efficiency of the racks. approach the top Manufacturing companies that will provide you with customized solutions at the right prices.

you can Buy from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(Chennai India based company) which is undeniably a reliable seller of spare part racks in Chennai India. 


Heavy Duty Long Span Racks

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Heavy Duty Long Span Racks

Uniformly Distributed Load - 500kg to 1000 kg per cell

Long Span Shelving is constructively similar to light pallet racking but designed to store non-palletized goods. This is an intermediate application between light and heavy-duty applications. Long span shelving is designed for loading/unloading goods manually without mechanical equipment. Stored goods can be from smallest components to large and awkwardly shaped items. PRK steel Pct Ltd(Chennai India based company and supplier) is one of the best leading manufacturer, and supplier in Chennai India of heavy duty long span racks in India and is expanding widely as its supplier across the country. 



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