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About Us

Who We Are ?

PRK Steel Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading names in wide scale manufacturing of modern logistic equipments such as slotted angle racks, palletize racking system and more. We offer full-service ranging from research and development, designing, production and installation of logistic equipments. Our range of superior quality and tested products also include pallet racks, steel pallet racks, metal pallets warehouse storage racks, industrial pallet racks, industrial storage racks, industrial sheds, two/ three tier racks, library stacks etc.

What Stands Us Apart?

We enjoy a strong reputation and goodwill in the market for our quality assurance and commitment to innovation. We conceptualize and produce new products using advanced and modern technology that has recently forayed into the industry. For every client, we have a custom solution. We do not offer one-size-fit-all solution to any business. Our products and services are tailored to suit individual preferences and needs of every client...Read More

Why Prk Steel ?

We have the experts in the industry working in every sphere of product conceptualization to final delivery. Each expert is knowledgeable and has vast industry experience. They kept a close eye on the maintenance of optimal product standards.

Years of experience and quality resource

As a one-stop shop we offer innovative and high performance storage systems.

Quick turn around time

We focus on creative solutions that support your business. Our engineering department.

Best price guarantee

We focus on our key markets to provide you with system solutions that perfectly meet your requirements.

Experienced team members

We focus on our key markets to provide you with system solutions that perfectly meet your requirements.

Our Main Products

Slotted Angle Racking System

PRK Steel(Jammu India-based manufacturer) is a well-recognized name in the markets, when it comes to manufacturing and supplying best quality Display rack.....

Multi Tier Racking Systems

Multi-tier racking systems from reputed Manufacturers will accommodate all types of non-palletized goods. As there will be multiple tiers, the flexibility will be there in.....

Industrial Rack

The warehouse is much more than a place for storing inventory. Management of the storage facility and all operations in the warehouse will directly impact the bus...

Pallet Racks

Pallet Racks have the maximum demand in the present market. And why not? Pallet racks have successfully.But you need to take good care of them to prevent unneces...

Warehouse Rack

Are you planning to install the Warehouse Rack for better inventory management? Then you should first learn about how to look for the right Manufacturer of of the ra...

Fabric Roll Rack

Fabric roll racks are specially designed according to your requirements. Where you can easily store or remove your fabric rolls. Available in many sizes and and styles...

Mezzanine Floor

The mezzanine floor refers to the intermediate floor space present between two floors or the floor and the ceiling. The mezzanine floor will double the space availa.

Mobile Compactor

Mobile Compactor System is based on the same components as a static system. Mounted onto light or heavy duty base units which can be moved in parallel di..

Heavy Duty Rack

What is the exact reason that makes a heavy-duty rack cost more than light-duty or medium-duty racks? After all, they look pretty much the same from the outside right?....

Drum Storage Rack

PRK Steel Products Pvt. Ltd(Jammu India-based manufacturer). are renowned and leading Drum Storage Rack Manufacturers.If you are associated with an indus..

Cantilever Rack

The warehouse management system will be an incredibly difficult process if you are the Manufacturer of products like steel sheets, sofas PVC pipes, lumber end tables or ..

Cable Tray And Raceway

This is the first time when you are planning to purchase premium quality cable tray and raceway from reputed manufacturer or supplier. So, unless you are sure of the..

Display/Super Market Rack

Visual merchandising is a critical term that retail shop owners should always consider these days. When a potential customer is strolling along a commercial area....

Spare Parts Storage Rack

The spare parts warehouses are a sea of small and medium-sized parts. Fining one part from the sea seems to be a highly challenging process. To make things bett....

Material Handling Equipment

You might have come across a manufacturer or a reliable supplier of material handling equipment. There are so many types of such equipment and tools available, mak...

Our Latest Articles

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are essentially elevated platforms that create additional usable space within your existing building. They can be constructed from various materials.

Slotted Angle Racks

Imagine sturdy metal bars with evenly spaced, slotted holes running along their length. These are slotted angle racks, the epitome of versatility and affordability in the.....

Heavy Duty Channel Racks

In the bustling world of industry, where efficiency and organization reign supreme, few heroes stand as tall as the heavy-duty channel rack.These unsung workhorses...

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