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Drum Storage Rack In Mumbai

PRK Steel Products Pvt. Ltd(mumbai India-based manufacturer). are renowned and leading Drum Storage Rack Manufacturers. 

What Are The Basic Uses Of Drum Storage Rack

If you are associated with an industry where there is the growing use of drums and barrels, then let not waste time and catch up with the manufacturer and supplier of drum storage racks. As it can pretty much be understood from the name itself, the main goal of these racks is to store and also dispense drums, barrels, or containers, which are known to have spill-prone liquids, water and oils.

  • Thanks to some of the best manufacturing units, you can get your hands on the best drum storage racks within pre-set prices.
  • These drum racks are mostly designed for supporting the safe storage of around 30 and 55-gallon drums and with maximized efficiency level.

So, make sure to buy within pre-set rates if you are dealing with drums and storage barrels on a daily basis. The team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd is all set to offer some quality deals on these drums.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drum storage rack?

A drum storage rack is a specialized storage solution designed to safely and efficiently store drums or barrels

How much weight can a drum storage rack hold?

typically used for storing liquids or hazardous materials.

Are drum storage racks adjustable?

The weight capacity of a drum storage rack depends on its design and construction. It is crucial to choose a rack that can safely support the total weight of the drums being stored.

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How Can the Slotted Angle Racking System Optimize the Space Utilization in the Warehouse

Slotted Angle Racking System is nowadays very common in every industry due to its lightweight, cost-effective, and heavy-duty properties. It is the ideal storage system to facilitate the organization and consolidation of an inventory management system for any business. 


As the slotted angle racks are versatile, you can use them to store goods of any shape and size. Moreover, if you get them from the top Manufacturer, the durability will be high. 

Why don’t you take a look at its unique space-saving properties?

  • Adjustable racks

The manufacturing process of the slotted angle racks includes a combination of components of slotted shelves and racks that will fit in the angles. The design is perfect to impart an adjustable format where you can change the angles of alignment to increase or decrease the height of individual shelves. 

  • Higher flexibility

If your business is planning to expand operations, you should start looking for the top Supplier to procure the slotted angle shelving system. You can reconfigure the shelves to increase the storage demands of the business.

But you don’t have to expand the warehouse space for the purpose. You can use the warehouse height to increase storage capacity. 

  • Minimum maintenance

If you are buying the Best quality product, you don’t have to worry about extensive maintenance procedures. The shelves will be fine for years as long as you are not overloading them with loads beyond their capacity. We at PRK Steel(mumbai India based manufacturer) as one of the best slotted angle racking system ensure to provide best in class products. 

These shelves are available at affordable prices too. But you should buy from reliable companies like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd to ensure the quality and durability of the racks.

A slotted angle racking system is a type of warehouse racking system that uses slotted angle beams to support loads. The beams are slotted to allow for easy loading and unloading of materials, and they can be customized to accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes. The slotted angle racking system is a versatile and efficient way to store materials in a warehouse, and it is a popular choice for many industries, including manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

PRK Steel is a leading manufacturer of slotted angle racking systems in India. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including design, installation, and maintenance. PRK Steel slotted angle racking system is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. The system is also easy to use and maintain, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Here are some of the benefits of using a slotted angle racking system for PRK Steel:

  • Increased space efficiency: Slotted angle racking system can help to maximize warehouse space by allowing for more efficient storage of materials.
  • Improved safety: The slotted beams of the system help to prevent materials from falling or being damaged.
  • Reduced labor costs: The easy loading and unloading of materials can help to reduce labor costs.
  • Increased accuracy: The system can help to improve inventory accuracy by providing a clear and organized way to store materials.

If you are looking for a versatile, efficient, and safe way to store materials in your warehouse, then a slotted angle racking system is a great option. PRK Steel is a leading manufacturer of slotted angle racking systems in India, and the company offers a wide range of products and services to meet your needs. Contact PRK Steel today to learn more about how a slotted angle racking system can benefit your business.

2 Practical Benefits of Multi-Tier Racking Systems

If you plan to maximize the warehouse organization level, the Multi-Tier Racking System is almost a mandatory addition necessary. Utilize this system to increase the cubic area. And the solution is ideal if your warehouse has high roofs.

Multi-tier racking systems can change the functional output of the storage facility. Why don’t you take a look at the interesting benefits of the best racking system?

Benefit #1: Compact structure

The multi-tier racking system will utilize the entire vertical airspace available. It can even extend to the ceiling if you want. Thus, there is no need to look for more space or new space if you are planning a business expansion. 

  • Freeing up extra floor space will make space for easier packing and assembly. 
  • Buying racks permits maximum utilization of floor space.

Besides, the use of vertical space will put to use the space that otherwise remains non-functional. 

Benefit #2: Modular with sufficient flexibility

Multi-tier racking systems from reputed Manufacturers will accommodate all types of non-palletized goods. As there will be multiple tiers, the flexibility will be there in terms of options, accessories, and the number of levels that you need. Just specify the requirements to the Supplier, and you will get the customized version too. 

But you can also settle for the modular ones as the reputed Manufacturing companies have helpful designs of modular racks.

For the best prices, you should contact experienced companies like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India based manufacturer). Such companies have been developing multi- tier racks for years with thorough knowledge of the industrial necessities and is a big name across whole mumbai India.

Long Span Shelving is constructively similar to light pallet racking but designed to store non-palletized goods. This is an intermediate application between light and heavy-duty applications. Long span shelving is designed for loading/unloading goods manually without mechanical equipment. Stored goods can be from smallest components to large and awkwardly shaped items.

Multi-tier racking systems are a type of warehouse storage system that uses multiple levels of shelves to maximize vertical space. This type of system is ideal for businesses that need to store a large volume of inventory in a limited amount of space.

PRK Steel can benefit from using multi-tier racking systems in a number of ways. First, these systems can help to increase the storage capacity of PRK Steel warehouses. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, as PRK Steel will be able to store more inventory in the same amount of space.

Second, multi-tier racking systems can help to improve the safety of PRK Steel warehouses. By creating multiple levels of storage, these systems can help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Third, multi-tier racking systems can help to improve the organization of PRK Steel warehouses. By storing inventory on multiple levels, these systems can make it easier for employees to find the products they need.

Overall, multi-tier racking systems can provide a number of benefits for PRK Steel. These systems can help to increase storage capacity, improve safety, and improve organization. As a result, PRK Steel can benefit from using these systems to improve the efficiency and productivity of its warehouses.

Here are some additional benefits of using multi-tier racking systems for PRK Steel:

  • Reduced labor costs: Multi-tier racking systems can help to reduce labor costs by making it easier for employees to access and retrieve inventory.
  • Improved inventory control: Multi-tier racking systems can help to improve inventory control by making it easier to track inventory levels and identify stockouts.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Multi-tier racking systems can help to increase customer satisfaction by reducing order fulfillment times and improving the accuracy of orders.

If you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse, then you should consider using multi-tier racking systems. These systems can provide a number of benefits for your business, including increased storage capacity, improved safety, improved organization, reduced labor costs, improved inventory control, and increased customer satisfaction.

4 Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Industrial Racking

The warehouse is much more than a place for storing inventory. Management of the storage facility and all operations in the warehouse will directly impact the business performance. Among all the important business decisions you have to make, finding the appropriate Manufacturer of industrial rack is one of the most challenging ones. 

Here, you will get an idea about the factors that you should focus on while choosing the industrial shelving system.

Factor #1: Space, mobility, and size

Before starting the search for the right industrial racks, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • How much space can you allocate for placing the industrial racks?
  • What sizes are available in the market?
  • Do you need mobile racking systems?

As you discuss your requirements with any Supplier, you will realize that these are critical factors that will affect your choice of racks. 

The shelves should fit in the space available. Maximum reputed manufacturers will offer you racks of flexible sizes that will adjust within the available space. The common types of shelvings include pallet racking, mobile shelving, push-back racking shelves, and boltless rivet shelving. 

If you need to move the racks often for certain reasons, you should opt for the mobile versions. 

Factor #2: Types of product for storage

You need to have a complete idea about the products that you want to store. 

  • What’s the weight of the product?
  • What are the dimensions of the packages?

The manufacturing companies of industrial shelves can offer industrial racks for small, medium, large and very large products. 

Are the unit loads in the form of cartons? Then manual handling is possible. In that case, the long span shelving or the carton flow rack systems will adapt the best for ideal storage. 

You can also install the adjustable pallet racking system bearing the galvanized trays or the chipboard panels for storing the individual cartons. 

But when the unit loads are large or very large pallet loads, you need to consider other industrial racking options from the best manufacturers.

Factor #3: Assembly process

Most of you ignore the assembly process of the racks while buying them. But that is not the right thing to do. Unless you are buying the boltless types, you will only need elbow grease and rubber mallets to assemble the industrial shelving. 

So, if you have a deadline, or you need a quick assembly for managing the upcoming batch of inventory, you need to consider the approximate time consumption necessary for the assembly of the chosen shelves.  

Factor #4: Durability

Be careful while choosing the decking as you need to consider the quality of the product. It is not a good idea to look for the ones available at very low prices as they may not be of adequate quality. If you plan to store very heavy objects, do make sure that the racks can bear the weight for a long time. 

  • Buy the ones that are of top quality with appreciable innate strength.
  • Check the weight limit that the decking can hold.

Weaker shelves will give off under the pressure of heavier items. 

PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India-based manufacturer) manufactures sturdy steel industrial racks for ideal use across mumbai India

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Industrial racking is a system of shelves and supports used to store goods in a warehouse or other industrial setting. It is a vital part of any efficient warehouse operation, as it helps to maximize space, improve productivity, and protect inventory.

There are many different types of industrial racking available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The best type of racking for PRK Steel will depend on a number of factors, including the size and layout of the warehouse, the types of goods being stored, and the volume of inventory.

Here are four factors to consider when choosing the best industrial racking for PRK Steel:

  1. Space: The first factor to consider is the amount of space available in the warehouse. Racking systems come in a variety of sizes, so it is important to choose one that will fit the available space.
  2. Mobility: If the warehouse is large, it may be helpful to choose a mobile racking system. This type of system allows the racks to be moved around, which can be helpful for accessing inventory in different areas of the warehouse.
  3. Weight: The weight of the goods being stored is another important factor to consider. Some racking systems are designed to support heavier loads than others.
  4. Security: It is important to choose a racking system that is secure and will protect inventory from theft and damage. Some systems come with security features, such as locks and alarms.

PRK Steel can choose from a variety of industrial racking systems to meet its specific needs. By considering the factors above, PRK Steel can select the best racking system to maximize space, improve productivity, and protect inventory.

Here are some additional benefits of using industrial racking:

  • Increased safety: Racking systems can help to prevent accidents by keeping goods off the floor and providing clear walkways.
  • Reduced labor costs: Racking systems can help to improve efficiency by making it easier to access inventory. This can lead to reduced labor costs, as fewer workers are needed to move goods around the warehouse.
  • Improved inventory control: Racking systems can help to improve inventory control by making it easier to track inventory levels and identify misplaced items. This can help to reduce lost sales and improve customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a way to improve the efficiency and safety of your warehouse, industrial racking is a great option. By considering the factors above, you can select the best racking system for your needs.

Pallet Racks have the maximum demand in the present market. And why not? Pallet racks have successfully 

  • Simplified movement of goods
  • Reduced storage risks
  • Minimized pick-up time
  • Improved organization

But you need to take good care of them to prevent unnecessary damage. Thus, the expert Manufacturers share some tips to take care of your pallet racks. 

Tip #1: Train the staff

don't allow the untrained staff to handle the products with the pallet racks. You need to teach the employees basic things like

  • Operating limit of forklifts
  • Characteristics of the system
  • The handling capacity of the racks
  • Safety guidelines for use

The top Suppliers say that maximum damage to the racks happens to owe to unprofessional handling. 

Tip #2: Inspect regularly

Regular inspections are necessary o check all the parts and components, is there any sign of rusting or corrosion? The manufacturing companies share standard symptoms of internal glitches. You can even hire the manufacturers for routine inspections. 

Tip #3: Increase the visibility

 Even if you have assigned the best staff to handle the product and racks, uninhibited visibility is essential. So, buy such pallet racks that will offer maximum visibility of the products while loading or unloading. 

Tip #4: Adhere to loading capacity

You are well aware of the loading capacity of the rack. Kindly don’t overload as it can lead to disasters. While loading, ensure

  • Placing heavy loads on the lower racks
  • Customizing racks to bear maximum loads
  • Stacking the loads in an overlapping manner

Discuss the prices with a few companies before settling on one. Companies like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd always offer the best pricing with better guidance about maintenance. 

How to Find the Best Company Selling the Warehouse Racks

Are you planning to install the Warehouse Rack for better inventory management? Then you should first learn about how to look for the right Manufacturer of the racking. A wrong choice will cause financial loss as well as a business mess.

#1. Company’s experience

Many companies make misleading claims through advertisements. So, look for genuine companies that mention the experience accurately as per their date of establishment. Choosing a well-experienced Supplier will always offer the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and expertise of the company. 

#2. Offer to customize

Most industrial racing systems are customizable. If the Manufacturing company offers you the liberty to customize the product, it implies they have the work potential to make necessary changes based on the needs of individual customers. 

#3. service quality

 The quality of the product is always an important factor, but the nature of service also defines the Best companies. In many small companies, there is no full-time staff to install the racks r customize the products.

So, look for the companies where you will get assistance right from the selection of the racks to the installation and maintenance. 

#4. Reasonable pricing

The prices of the different racks can indicate whether the company is a reliable one. Offering the racks at a too-low price can indicate that the company may be selling cheap quality parts. So settle for the companies that offer the racks at reasonable or standard prices instead of too high or too low pricing. 

Buy from PRK Steel PVT Ltd(mumbai India-based manufacturer across mumbai India) if you want flawless quality of the product along with customizations. 


Fabric roll racks are specially designed according to your requirements. Where you can easily store or remove your fabric rolls. Available in many sizes and styles to fit a wide variety of applications.

We at PRK Steel Pvt Ltd (mumbai India-based company and one of the biggest suppliers in mumbai India) manufacturer and supplier high-quality fabric roll storage racks. Industrial Fabric roll racks are specially designed and customized as per the requirements of the client which is best in its category. Fabric Roll Storage System helps in the proper utilization of the resources and spaces, where you can easily store or remove your Fabric Rolls. Fabric Racks for Rolled Fabric are available in various sizes and styles to fit a wide variety of applications.

Uniformly Distributed Load - 300kg to 1500 kg per square meter

What are the types of mezzanine floors and what are their advantages?

The mezzanine floor refers to the intermediate floor space present between two floors or the floor and the ceiling. The mezzanine floor will double the space available for use. You can apply the concept in both commercial and residential buildings. 

  • The design aims to use certain areas within the floor instead of the entire floor space.
  • The plan is to utilize free vertical space, if available. 

The top Manufacturer of the steel or other mezzanine floors will build it with proper customization. 

Types of mezzanine floor

There are three types of mezzanine floors depending on the material in use for construction. These include

  1. Concrete mezzanine floor construction
  2. Wooden mezzanine floor construction
  3. Steel mezzanine floor construction

1. Concrete mezzanine floor construction:

These are one of the most durable options. The concrete mezzanine floors can withstand heavy loads. It is the reason why these have gained much popularity in high-capacity military applications as well as industrial applications. 

In such applications, the mezzanine floor is a permanent construction. These offer some benefits like

  • Increased fire resistance
  • Quick construction is possible owing to more stiffness
  • Minimal noise transmission happens through the floor.
  • Low maintenance
  • Enhanced damp resistance

Find a reliable Supplier for premium quality construction. 

2. Wooden mezzanine floor construction

If the plan is to add some aesthetic value to the residential space with a touch of elegance, a wooden mezzanine floor is the only choice. These will add warmth and beauty to the space. Also, these serve as the ideal choice for the office or retail store environment. 

The wooden mezzanine floor offers certain benefits like

  • Higher durability on using treated hardwood
  • High strength
  • Ease of installation and cleaning
  • Offers better acoustics
  • Improves the indoor quality
  • Can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Thus, you should look for the top Manufacturing companies that produce wooden mezzanine floors. 

​​​​​​​3. Steel mezzanine floor construction

One of the most common options for mezzanine floor construction is the use of steel. Whether it is a commercial building or your residential space, steel applies to both. 

The design will offer elegant aesthetic detail. And the resistance to heavy foot traffic adds to the quality. If you choose the best quality steel for the mezzanine floor, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Higher innate strength
  • Better moisture resistance
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Economically feasible, especially when you have a budget limitation
  • Higher durability and strength

But you need to ensure that you are buying from the right seller. 

Make a better functional space

Top companies like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India-based company) which is one of the best suppliers in industry are manufacturing steel mezzanine floors to increase the interior space. The concept is available in varied ranges of prices across mumbai IndiaThe aesthetic output is beautiful.

In fact, the mezzanine floor is the best way to utilize the vertical space present in your building. You can make the portable or permanent depending on the nature of your need. Buy from the top sellers to make sure that you have the proper customization. 

Enhanced strength and high durability are the two prime factors that should inspire commercial space owners to install steel mezzanine floors. 

Mobile Compactor System is based on the same components as a static system. Mounted onto light or heavy duty base units which can be moved in parallel direction to each other, the system only requires one aisle to provide access to all items in stock. Depending on the system, storage capacity increases between 100% and 180% respectively floor space occupation reduces by up to 50%.

Our mobile compactor is one of a kind storage unit. These are indigenous varieties that are mounted on mobile trolleys; hence, they are moved easily. It is generally dust-proof and it has a pilfer-proof atmosphere even though there are no doors added to it. They are cost-effective and used at sites with low storage capacity or floor space. One can store goods in a dust-free and safe area once the blocks of the storage unit are closed together. It forms a safe and compact solid block.


  • 2 Static single rows (single sided use)
  • 6 Static double row (double sided use)
  • Space requirement : 9.650 x 6,100 mm.
  • Floor space gained : 45 %
  • Floor space utilization : 45%


  • Static single rows (single sided use)
  • 6 Mobile double rows (double sided use)
  • Space requirement : 5,300 x 6,100 mm.
  • Floor space gained : 45 %
  • Floor space utilization : 85%

Useful for compact storage small space, the NBSS Mobile Compactor Systems are designed as per the floor space available and for storage and movement. Customer need is fully studied and solutions discussed prior to the ?nal recommendation. The NBSS Mobile Compactor Systems are very compact and provide smooth mobility and an exclusive locking systems for the storage security. Mobile compactor storage system manufacturer, mobile compactors, storage compactors manufacturers in mumbai india, mobile storage system manufacturers, file compactor storage, mobile compactors storage system, mobile compactor manufacturer, file compactor storage, storage compactors manufacturers in mumbai india, file compactor storage system, compactor storage system manufacturer, mobile racking storage systems, mobile racking system manufacturer, mobile storage rack, movable racking systems,movable shelving system, spacesaver mobile shelving.

4 Design Elements to Check While Buying Safe Heavy-Duty Racks

What is the exact reason that makes a heavy-duty rack cost more than light-duty or medium-duty racks? After all, they look pretty much the same from the outside, right? It is not until you start the internal elements that you realize that the manufacturer has to put in more effort and design elements in creating the heavy-duty rack.

Unless you know in detail what is there under the hood, you cannot apprehend the significance of the design aspects. Here are some tips that will help you pick the most reliable racking system.

Element #1: Choose strong materials

The type of steel and shape that the Supplier will use for making the arms, columns, and shelf beams of the racks will largely affect the performance of the racking system. 

  • For storing heavy materials, wide-flange, hot-rolled, or standard-shape I-beams will offer enough mass to handle high loads. 
  • These elements will prevent damage from the equipment handling the products. 
  • Certain designs can hold particular thresholds of weight. However, steel members can be susceptible to damage. It can compromise the integrity of the racking system. 

Deflection in the racking system happens. The arm or racking shelf can deflect from holding heavy materials while loading or unloading. the parts return to their original position as you unload. As it will happen a thousand times during its functional lifespan, you need to choose the strongest quality of steel. 

Element #2: Choose a durable hardware

While building a heavy-duty racking system, it is essential to check the strong connections between the beams, arms, and columns. The connections will matter equally to the types of bolts that the manufacturing company use. The use of high-performing hardware will make a real difference in the overall integrity of the rack. 

Element #3: Nature of engineering

You need to ensure 100% load utilization of the arms. It implies that the racking system, like the cantilever racking, can load simultaneously to the maximum rated capacity. 

If you have planned to install the double-sided cantilever racks, you need to ensure that the system has the necessary engineering to support the uneven loading format. The rack should be safe and stable. The Best heavy-duty racks will be able to maintain stability even when it has a full load on one side while the other side is empty.  

Element #4: Load-bearing potential

If you plan to store heavy coils, tools, or dies, it is quite difficult to plan the future shapes, weights, and sizes. Some items may have a span that covers the width of the shelf. The rest can be on both support beams. But others may not have so.

Full load-bearing design is essential for such cases. The prices can be higher if you are settling for the best quality racks where the manufacturer can adjust the angle, thickness, and width of the cradle to handle the maximum load even at the weakest point. 

Buy from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India based manufacturer across mumbai India) to make sure that you are buying premium quality racks for heavy product storage. 

PRK Steel Products Pvt. Ltd(mumbai India-based manufacturer). are renowned and leading Drum Storage Rack Manufacturers. 

What Are The Basic Uses Of Drum Storage Rack

If you are associated with an industry where there is the growing use of drums and barrels, then let not waste time and catch up with the manufacturer and supplier of drum storage racks. As it can pretty much be understood from the name itself, the main goal of these racks is to store and also dispense drums, barrels, or containers, which are known to have spill-prone liquids, water and oils.

  • Thanks to some of the best manufacturing units, you can get your hands on the best drum storage racks within pre-set prices.
  • These drum racks are mostly designed for supporting the safe storage of around 30 and 55-gallon drums and with maximized efficiency level.

So, make sure to buy within pre-set rates if you are dealing with drums and storage barrels on a daily basis. The team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd is all set to offer some quality deals on these drums.


4 Practical Advantages of Installing the Cantilever Racks

The warehouse management system will be an incredibly difficult process if you are the Manufacturer of products like steel sheets, sofas PVC pipes, lumber, end tables or similar stuff. You will need racks that have high-weight capacity. 

Cantilever rack are the ideal choice for such cases. The racking system can support things of considerable weight and awkward shape. You can find the industrial cantilever racks in the plumbing supply warehouses, furniture centres and cold storage facilities. 

They are also the best option when you are looking for space-efficient storage solutions. So, if you are having a problem with the storage of long and bulky items, you need the cantilever racks. Let us share the advantages of the cantilever racking.

Advantage #1: Accommodating high-capacity requirements

One of the primary advantages of using cantilever racking is the wide range of load capacity that it can bear. You will always have limited choices when you need a storage solution for non-palletized heavy articles like aluminium sheets. 

Floor stocking can be a relatively affordable option. But it won be space- efficient solution. Moreover, there will be chances of safety hazards and a reduction in the overall storage capacity of the facility. 

  • Improve the warehouse layout with efficient cantilever racking for awkward loads to free up floor space. 
  • The organization of bulky items will be more effective with seamless product retrieval options.
  • Convenience in warehouse operations is evident owing to adjustable arms.

Buy the cantilever racking with unique design features, like the absence of a front support column. It will allow dollies, forklifts and other mechanical access equipment to handle the items easily.

Advantage #2: Ideal for heavyweight inventory

If you need to store building products or raw materials, the cantilever racking is ideal. Aluminium sheets, cement, and steel bar stocks require appropriate extra heavy-duty solutions for storage.

  • Look for top suppliers who construct advanced models of cantilever racks to support heavier loads.
  • The use of heavy-gauge steel ensures that the arms and vertical columns have significant load-bearing capacity. 

The innate strength of the racks guarantees their durability of the racks. 

Advantage #3: Add to vertical storage capacity

You can utilize the vertical space available in the warehouse with the installation of the cantilever racking system. For instance, yiu can place the SKUs higher on the racks as you use them occasionally. 

As the racking system is easily accessible, it is possible to retrieve them easily with simple equipment for handling like a forklift. It is ideal for Manufacturing houses where you need to place massive objects on higher racks owing to the shape or size of the products. 

Advantage #4: Customization is possible

Design customization is possible for the cantilever racks. The Best Companies will adjust the parameters like

  • Shelf level
  • Beam length
  • Material of the racks

The prices will vary depending on the extent of customization that you demand. But if you want a durable product, choose the top companies to like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd for perfect customization and adjustments. The racking system should be safe and functional. 

PRK Steel(mumbai India Based Company) racks are known for its Quality and latest trendy display styles according to todays upcoming retail chain departmental stores in mumbai India, we always keep in mind that our racks should be as beautiful and convinient which doubles the charm of your ambience. Here we are displaying only few types of Supermarket racks We can manufacture racks as per your Designs also.

Display racks which are widely used in a variety of industries and retail outlets. One can find efficient and well-organized storage units in chemists, liquor shops, confectionaries, boutiques, retail stores, grocery stores, libraries, book stores, shopping malls, and other places. Display racks are available in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and designs as per the customization specifications of the clients.

This is the first time when you are planning to purchase premium quality cable tray and raceway from reputed manufacturer or supplier. So, unless you are sure of the features involved, you can not seem to be making the right choice.

  • Catching up with the best manufacturing units will help you to invest in the best cable trays.
  • This cable tray system is an assembly of units or sections and even some associated fittings to form a structural system.
  • This system is used for securely fastening or supporting the cables and raceways.
  • The raceways are primarily mounted on the wall inside a room, where the communications and power cables are terminated.

With experts by your side, you do not have to invest much on the prices before you plan to buy the right cable trays for your use. The team from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai based company) which is ons of the best supplier in industry across mumbai India is always there with the best quality items.


What Types of Display Rack Can aid in Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a critical term that retail shop owners should always consider these days. When a potential customer is strolling along a commercial area, your product display/super market rack should be visually appealing enough to draw the attention of the customers. 

People end up buying various objects that may not be necessary to them but looked too good to control the urge to buy. That is the superpower of visual merchandising. And the art of product display gets better if you buy the appropriate display racks. 

Types of display racks for retail stores

The retail display has a significant impact on the success of the visual merchandising strategy. As the display rack will be the first point of contact between the store and the potential customer, it should be the projection of the business itself. 

The trick to winning the customers right from this point is to know more about the different types of display racks that will serve the purpose successfully. 

Generally, there are three categories of display racks available from the Manufacturers: 

  1. Store shelving displays
  2. Standalone POP displays
  3. Furniture or clothing displays

It is time to know more about them for planning the right visual impact. 

Store shelving displays

Such shelves should ideally have a solid construction with steel brackets. These should have a high load-bearing capacity as you can store the entire inventory as well as display them in the same place. 

  • It can have single-sided or double-sided shelving options depending on the layout of your store.
  • There should be freedom to categorize the merchandise and replenish the stock conveniently.

Do not forget to add hooks, baskets, or shelves that will allow the neat and clear visibility of the products. It is the best way to show the customers what you have got at your store. 

Standalone POP display

Point of Purchase or POP displays often become the focal point of any retail store. And why not? Place them at a prominent spot in the store, away from the traditional racks. The placement and presence will play a critical role in enhancing the beauty of the product that you plan to display. 

The Suppliers of the racking systems offer plenty of varieties like

  • Gondola displays
  • Freestanding displays
  • Dump bins
  • Window displays
  • Countertop displays

And more for the maximum impact. 

Furniture and clothing display

Product displays that the Manufacturing companies create for the stores are distinctly different based on what you sell. Display tables and garment racks, mannequins, all are part of such displays. 

Choose the shelves wisely

Always remember that the customers will like a product or develop a good impression of your brand only when they get a positive visual appeal from the shelves. So, if you are not buying the Best racking and display solution for the store, you are already losing a lot of potential customers. 

Compare the prices of the options that you consider. And then finalize the ones that have reasonable pricing with top-notch quality like the one available at PRK Steel Pvt Ltd. the company has very good reviews from existing customers. 

Super Market Rack – Best Way To Keep Your Items Organized

The proven and easy way to increase your business efficiency level is by displaying the items in the right manner. The more your products are visible to the customers, the more is your chance of attracting them towards your business. It is always mandatory to invest in the best super market rack from reputed manufacturer and supplier, known to last the longest and available in designer options.

The best rack for you:

Every super market is known to house multiple shops and the customers have plenty of options to choose from. In order to keep your store separated from the crowd, try investing in the best super market rack from the best manufacturing team in town.

  • For that proper alignment of the store, try keeping the products in the bear attractive alignment.
  • It is important to have proper racks for that which are durable and fancy and likely to hold all the goods for showcasing.
  • The rack you have chosen needs to be strong enough to hold multiple products at the same time.
  • If choosing the wooden rack is your main intention, try opting for one that is termite resistant.
  • The racks need to have a stronger base so that it falls as it might cause loss and is too risky.
  • On the other hand, the prices of steel racks are less costly when compared to wooden ones. So, while selecting that, focus on the ones which are resistant to rust.

Be sure to buy these best products and you do not regret getting them from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd right away!

What Are The Different Types Of Display Rack

Using the right furniture for displaying all the major products will bring in that nice look to any environment. If you own a retail outlet, you know the importance of a display rack. The organized placement of the items inside the display rack will lure in more customers towards your store and finally making a purchase.

So, working with the best manufacturer and supplier to come across the finest display rack for your store is a necessity. But before you make any conclusive point, it is vital to learn the types of display racks available these days.

Get on with the types:

The manufacturing units are here to offer you with some of the best types of display racks within set prices. Based on the size and the design, the rates are subject to fluctuate. Some of the best types are:

  • Desktop display racks
  • Corner display racks
  • Freestanding display racks
  • Rotational display racks
  • Wall hanging display racks

Wood is the major material used for manufacturing display racks as they are known for the sturdy look and can hold maximum pressure at the same time. Moreover, you get to buy wooden racks in different stains from reputed centers to match the look of the interior.

Other than that, there are plastic and acrylic display racks available too, which are becoming quite popular in recent times. It is because of the affordable prices and the attractive designs. Some of the best ones are now easily available from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd.(mumbai India based company) one of the best supplier in industry in mumbai India

What are the Spare Parts Storage Racks and How do they Help?

The spare parts warehouses are a sea of small and medium-sized parts. Fining one part from the sea seems to be a highly challenging process. To make things better, you should buy the Spare Parts Storage Rack, which will make things easier. 

With the right storage solutions, you can organize the spare parts warehouse and locate the necessary parts within a minimum time. There are many solutions available from different manufacturing companies. Let know about the two common forms for better understanding. 

Static shelving

Perhaps, this is the most simple and cheapest solution to store the spare parts in the warehouse. Static shelvings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These will allow several options when it comes to the layout of the units and the shelves within. 

Mobile shelving

And when the Manufacturer applies the same concept with the option of portability, you get the mobile shelving solution. You can enjoy several advantages including

  • Utilizing the tracks or wheels on the floor
  • Collapse down the shelving
  • Eliminate the need for aisle space

Thus, there is a high demand for such racks. 


There are some common advantages for both mobile and fixed racks. 

  • It is easy to store the parts in multiple tiers for clear categorization. 
  • Suppliers ensure better visibility of the products to avoid identification errors. 
  • A higher degree of security in the workplace with the maintenance of a clean environment

Thus, it is time to invest in the Best racks from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India based company) one of the best supplier in industry in mumbai India  they offer spare parts shelves at an affordable price, which increases the demand too. 

What Are The Benefits Of Material Handling Equipments

You might have come across a manufacturer or a reliable supplier of material handling equipment. There are so many types of such equipment and tools available, making it rather difficult to make way for the best one. However, the manufacturing units will let you know the benefits of having one, so that you can make the best purchase without spending a lot of money on the items. Once you are assured of the benefits involved, it does not hurt you to spend some money on these products.

  • Get to save money:

With decreasing profit margins within constructional sector, saving money is the main consideration point among manufacturing and logistics departments. The material handling equipment might be a bit pricey at first, but will be a huge money saver in the long run. Using such equipment will help in delivering projects in a rather efficient manner without stretching budget or adding manpower.

  • Maximize the space availability:

Now some equipment can be costing you high end prices but they can help in maximize the space you need for your product management. Space within production floor is vital for ease of movement. Storage and handling equipment like the stackable frames will help in maximizing space on production floor.

  • Decrease product damage:

You are always recommended to buy material handling equipment if you want to decrease product damage. As all the items remain in an organized manner, chances of damaging them are lower.

Now you know why material handling equipment is booming in business these days. If you want to get your hands on the finest ones, visit PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India based company) now which is best in industry in terms of quality across mumbai India

Plastic Bins & Drawer Rack – Best Way To Keep Things Organized

Whether for your commercial use or residential purposes, it is indeed mandatory to select the best plastic bins and drawer rack for keeping everything organized and under control. The reliable manufacturer is working hard to catch up with the best durable plastic bins and working with the supplier to get them out in the market.

Searching the world of internet will let you come across multiple manufacturing units and all claiming to offer the best drawer racks for your use. Some of their plastic bins are available in multiple colors to add more grace to the place. But, checking out some features will help you to make the right decision.

  • Made using the highest quality precision engineered materials, these bins and racks are for extended durability.
  • The ergonomic design is what makes these bins highly popular among the masses. You can keep them anywhere you want and they do not take up too much space.
  • The drawers are well designed to help you organize any space. Whether your kitchen or office or even toys in your child play area, you can keep anything you want over here.
  • Even though made using the sturdiest plastic materials available, the prices of these racks and bins will remain within your pre-set budget plans.

These products are easy to find and hold ample amount of space to store all your items under one umbrella. So, get to the experts now for the best buy you can make. The team from the PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India based company) which is one of the best supplier in industry is here to help to serve its esteemed customers across mumbai India.

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3 Direct Benefits of Installing the Fifo Flow Rack

FIFO or First In First Out warehouse storage system is a typical procedure of inventory control. Here, the items that enter the warehouse first will also leave the warehouse first. The Fifo Flow Rack offer the best solution when it comes to implementing this technique of inventory management in the warehouse. 


Pallet racks are a good instance of a FIFO storage solution. The standard workflow involves

  • Feeding pallets into the back of the pallet flow rack system using a forklift.
  • Pulling the pallets towards the other end of the rack system due to gravity
  • Unloading the pallets using a forklift one of these reaches the opposite end. 

The Manufacturers of the pallet flow rack system can enumerate several benefits. 

1. Increase in the warehouse space

You can now pack the goods more compactly and free up the extra floor space. You will be using the vertical space available and not the floor space. 

2. stick handling will be minimum

If you have been in business for years, you know that wrong handling causes significant stock damage. Manufacturer companies can minimize the scope of product handling by applying the FIFO flow racks. Once you load the pallets, there is no need to handle them until the unloading begins. 

3. Streamline the operations

The Suppliers of the racks can establish how the warehouse operations become streamlined with only a couple of free aisles necessary for loading and unloading. the best quality racks ensure quality control.

As the prices are usually reasonable., you can afford to Buy the FIFO flow rack from PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India based company) for immediate improvement in the warehouse operations in mumbai India

5 Beneficial Features of the Tyre Storage Racks

The industrial Tyre Storage Racks have revolutionary designs for storing tires of variable weights and sizes. The Manufacturers develop heavy- duty racking solutions using metal components for better support. 

The industrial racks will aid in storing the tires having excellent toughness. The best quality racks are robust and can withstand the rigours that the tyres exert. 

Beneficial features

As the racks have to serve for a long time, the Suppliers ensure the introduction of all the possible beneficial features in the making. 

#1. Heavy duty construction

As the tyres will be heavy and rough, the premium Manufacturing companies will always use heavy-duty construction methods for making these racks durable. 

#2. Adjustable 

If you are investing in boltless tyre racks, you will get fully adjustable beam levels. Usually, you can adjust the levels in 2” increments. 

#3. Greater lifespan

You may think that these racks will be more prone to wear and tear. But that is wrong. The top-quality racks may have higher prices, but the robust construction will improve life expectancy. You do not need to repair or replace the parts frequently or in a few years after buying. 

#4. Varieties available

Visit the top manufacturers, and you will get a whole bunch of options for these racks., they make sure that you get a maximum number of options for selecting your model. 

#5. Diverse options

You can choose the height that you need for the storage. But it is better to buy the ones with a higher number of shelves in the apprehension of future expansions. 

PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai India based company and best supplier) in India has been providing relentless service in producing the most durable tyre racks. 


3 Qualities of the Best Die Mould Racks

It is quite difficult to store important tools and equipment in warehouses. If you have been trying to find the ideal solution for storing the tools, motors, and modules, the Die Mould Rack will be the ideal solution. 

Right now, there are several manufacturing companies building this kind of rack. But you need to know exactly which qualities define a good rack.

  • Check the accessibility

It goes without saying that the accessibility of the racks should be good enough. When you store things like tools and motors, you should look for the best structures that allow easy one-way pull-out shelves. That way, you can view the stored products easily and get what you need.

  • Load bearing capacity

Do focus on the load-bearing potential of the rack that the manufacturer will always mention in the features of the product. If you think that you need to store things that will cumulatively weigh more than the upper limit of the rack, look for the heavy-duty ones.

  • Components and parts

Always check the quality of the components and parts that the Supplier is using to make the rack. Unless the quality of the components is the best, there is no guarantee of durability. And you should not invest in a product that you cannot trust, especially for storage solutions. 

Companies like PRK Steel Pvt Ltd(mumbai Based Company) offer best-quality die mould racks at the most reasonable prices across mumbai India. So, buy from the best manufacturers if you are looking forward to adding a reliable rack in your warehouse, the above features will definitely define the most functional racks. 

Long Span Shelving is constructively similar to light pallet racking but designed to store non-palletized goods. This is an intermediate application between light and heavy-duty applications. Long span shelving is designed for loading/unloading goods manually without mechanical equipment. Stored goods can be from the smallest components to large and awkwardly shaped items.